Track Defects

Rail Vision vision systems image track at line speed for the automated detection of defects and assets and produce images of the highest quality. Please click here to see an example image from our system at 0.5 mm resolution. Please note that no image enhancement has been applied to this image.

Track imaging is focussed on the recognition of missing and defective components including:

Rail joints: Cracked or broken fishplates, missing nuts and bolts, incorrectly fitted fishplates, gaps and damaged joints

Switch areas: Surface defects, cracks, breaks, running band deviation, lubricators

Rails: Wheelburns, squats, shelling, cracks, running band deviation, broken rail, rolling contact fatigue cracks

Jointed track : Gaps between rail ends, particularly during hot weather, absence of gaps at rail ends during cold weather, broken, loose or missing fishplate nuts and bolts, classification of fishplates from IBJs and classification on type, broken T piece, temporary welds

Track fastenings: Broken, loose or missing clips, classification on type.

Ballast Areas of excess and under ballast

Level crossings: Obstructions in flangeways

Sleepers (ties): Cracked or broken sleepers, incorrect sleeper spacing, sleeper classification, mud spots; For wood sleepers (anchor patterns, spike patterns)

Signalling assets: Recognition of assets including TPWS, AWS magenets, red bonds

Example defects

The following images show some examples of defects automatically detected by our systems