Track Defect Recognition, Glasgow Underground, UK

Glasgow underground provides a unique setting for implementing visual track inspection technologies. Opened in 1886, it has a gauge of 1219mm, and a tunnel diameter of 3560mm giving very small clearances for mounting equipment close to vehicle envelope. The tunnel environment is highly uncomfortable for manual track walking in practise today, and track degradation affected by water seepage and corrosion.

In 2012 and 2013, Rail Vision conducted trials of the Glasgow Underground to demonstrate technology capability and to evaluate equipment changes required on narrow gauge. The trials provided detailed analysis of data collected on recognition of missing fasteners, broken baseplates, chair gall detection, recognition of loose bolts, fishplate detects, railhead defects and water seepage on track. On all aspects of recognition, more than 95% accuracy was achieved. Rail Vision is currently in the process of developing battery powered trolley based solutions for tunnel based environments as well as in discussions with SPT on mounting vision based equipment on their rolling stock.