Electrified Rail Defect Recognition, SMRT, Singapore

Rail Vision is one of the select number of providers of technology for visual testing of electrified rail components using camera and laser equipment. SMRT track testing needs include the measurement of vertical misalignment of electrified rail and abnormal joint gaps. Any measurements exceeding safety thresholds can be flagged for intervention by maintenance.

Rail Vision optimised their electrified rail testing technology to meet SMRT needs during 2011 and 2012, and conducted a successful trial on SMRT track to demonstrate the accuracy of their measurements. The approach uses high speed linescan technology with dedicated lighting array to capture very high resolution image data that is capable of making measurements at 0.1mm accuracy level. The results are highly accurate and remove the need for manual track walking of electrified rails that is dangerous and inefficient. Further discussions are on-going to implement this technology on existing rolling stock.