Grooved rail profiling for tramways

Rail Vision has introduced the laser technology to make accurate grooved rail wear measurements. This non-contact approach is currently under trial with several UK tram companies and will be introduced for European markets in 2014.

The laser measurement technology has been optimised for use on vehicles at speeds between 20kph to 90kph. The system measures keep rail and running rail profiles and reports on wear parameters. This complements Rail Vision's existing systems on rail profiling of main line flat-bottom rails. The developed system is fully contactless, and works any time of day or night. Rail Vision is currently offering grooved rail measurements using their existing iXplore range of hyrail vehicles. The profiling system is coupled with an overhead line detection system that is able to correlate wear with the position of overhead lines referenced from the centre of the track, and reports on exceptions. All measurements are indexed using a highly accurate GPS positioning system.