TSB Funding on 3D asset mapping

Rail Vision has been awarded funding along with Guidance Navigation Ltd. and Oxford University to develop a portable hardware device capable of automated image and laser data capture to map the track surrounds in three dimensions. The project has active support from Signalling Team at Network Rail who will be using the technology for mapping signalling components and using the information for renewals and maintenance. Traditionally, the detection of assets on rail tracks is carried out manually and laser based surveys on three dimensional information are expensive and do not provide information on asset identity but only laser point cloud information.

This project will develop a highly innovative data capture and analysis system that provides information on asset identity, location and its three dimensional information for a range of review purposes to assist maintenance and planning of works. The project will also develop a sophisticated desktop software for review of such data with ability to make measurements and generate planning reports. The system is expected to be available in 2016.