iXplore Hyrails

Hyrail vehicles can drive on rails and road both and provide an excellent option for small to medium scale track testing. It is much easier to take possession of the track and move them flexibly from one track to another compared to trains which are dedicated to particular routes. Rail Vision provides both small and large hyrail options. A small hyrail can test at speeds of up to 30kph, and is a good choice for testing up to 100 km of track per day. Only staff members are needed to operate a small hyrail. All test control is by using a console mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle. A large hyrail can test at speeds of up to 80kph and is a good choice for testing up to 300 kms a day. The large hyrail lifts up the road wheels off the track and is therefore able to travel at a faster speed on the rails. It offers a custom-designed laboratory space at the back where engineering and data analysts can review data captured and live analysis. Hyrail vehicles are significantly more cost effective than inspection or passenger train options and provide more localised control within a track network for carrying out inspection.

Rail Vision provides flexible sale, lease and service options for track testing hyrail vehicles"

Small hyrails

Small hyrails offer an excellent choice for track testing at speeds of up to 30 kph