Inspection Platforms

  • High Speed Passenger Train
  • Metro Passenger Train
  • Custom Inspection Trains or Rolling Stock
  • Large HyRail Inspection Vehicle
  • Small HyRail Inspection Vehicle
  • Motorised Inspection Trolley

Rail Vision provides visual track inspection solutions on a wide variety of platforms. We understand that different customers need solutions customised to meet their needs. For high speed tracks, we provide systems that work on inspection and passenger trains that operate at line speeds. Systems can work at speeds of up to 320kph making the technology feasible for high speed rail lines. For metro networks, and in underground environments, we can provide solutions integrated with passenger trains at speeds of around 100 kph. A certain level of flexibility exists in adaptation of equipment to different types of rolling stock. Especially in underground environments, battery operated trolley based solution are also available that work well for small networks. Finally, we offer small and large sized hyrails with integrated vision equipment for track inspection including visual inspection, profiling and geometry measurements.