Enhanced Visual Inspection (EVI)

Enhanced Visual Inspection (EVI) software suite is a collection of software for processing and reviewing image data and its analysis post capture. EVI Image Data Analysis software suite consists of a set of modular image analysis software modules that can be used for large volume data analysis under a distributed framework. Each software module is responsible for their own function, for example, there are separate software modules for finding missing fasteners, sleeper defects and so on. Each software module is optimised for a particular field of view and consists of parameters that must be calibrated before operation. The software module interfaces with databases that consist of image data, and store image analysis results. The tools are implemented differently for on-board and off-board data analysis operations.

The development of intelligent image understanding tools is at the heart of automated machine vision capability. The EVI framework combines the semantic knowledge of rail tracks and various components with the technical interpretation of image colour, edges, texture and shapes to determine the presence or absence of features of interest, their position within the image, any abnormalities associated with them and their physical measurements. Rail Vision has detailed software expertise for the processing of monochrome, colour and infrared imagery for a range of fault detection.