Software Tools

Rail Vision is the market leader in the development of automated image data analysis software. Underpinned by decades of research into image analysis in various transport applications, Rail Vision has one of the best scientific teams in the area of intelligent software development. Our software development focusses on three key areas.

First, seamless and synchronised image data capture from multiple cameras and lasers to provide the highest quality imagery. Software intelligence is required to address high data throughput and auto adjustment of camera parameters to address illumination changes with sunlight.

Second, intelligent image data analysis both on-board and off-board the vehicle may be required for automated fault detection. The understanding of image content is key to diagnosing the faults which cannot be detected using simple template matching schemes alone. We provide one of the broadest range of defect recognition capability in the area of track inspection and have been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to developing enhanced image understanding technology.

Third, we have developed some of the most sophisticated software for the display of images, their analysis results, correlation and integration of other track inspection measurements with machine vision analysis, report generation, mapping of analysis on rail route maps, and use on portable devices to guide maintenance of detected faults.