Mobile Applications

RailVision provides mobile display devices and associated software for manual track walking. TrackPad is a mobile hand-held computer that allows track inspection and maintenance staff to view and annotate a range of results and reports generated by visual track inspection whilst in the field. Using the latest in mobile technology the track inspector can download and view track images and results, with the ability to record observational records on track asset and condition. This information can be synchronised with the central database using latest wireless communication technology or using USB or internal memory card.

Coupled with real-time GPS capability, the application can navigate the track inspector to areas that need attention and summarise track condition for different geographic areas. The GPS module includes a GIS map interface allowing track engineers to visualise the location of assets and receive directions to asset location. TrackPad software can be used with any Windows ready portable device with networking and GPS capability or can be pre-installed on our customised hardware. The customised hardware for TrackPad has been designed and tested with the needs of rail track engineers in mind.