3D mapping

The mapping of track environment in three dimensions generates an asset map that is rich in detail. It creates laser point cloud data using a spinning laser disc and creates a detailed three dimensional map of the surroundings. The laser system is assisted by a twin high definition camera system that captures the scene and use automated image analysis tools for recognising assets. The information from the laser and camera outputs is combined together to generate a high definition asset map. Information management software indexes each part of the scene by location, providing both the information on three dimensional aspect and content identity within the scene. The users are able to interrogate the three dimensional scenes by creating three dimensional movies, virtual reality models and are able to make three dimensional measurements by interacting with the raw data.

Rail Vision is currently involved in a collaborative project with Guidance Navigation Ltd. and Oxford University both in the UK to bring this technology to market with an expected system in the market by 2015. The newly developed technology is set to revolutionalise how asset surveying is currently performed. The system is expected to be of great interest to signalling and asset management teams within railways and will provide significant information for renewals to infrastructure operators and their contractors.